Why were they called the ‘Aycliffe Angels’?

Lord Haw HawWell, the reason is quite simple” – Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce).

Lord Haw Haw was a traitor who worked for the Nazis during World War II, making English Language propaganda radio broadcasts on Radio Luxembourg and other stations.

He dubbed them “the little angels of Aycliffe“, promising that the Luftwaffe would bomb them into submission. Fortunately, that never happened!

The Little angels of Aycliffe won’t get away with it,” he had said in numerous broadcasts, highlighting the importance of their work.

Germany Calling…..

Lord Haw Haw

Daily Mirror (12th June 1940)

Despite the huge popularity of Lord Haw Haw’s wartime broadcasts, most people realised they were nothing more than blatant Nazi propaganda and lies.

Captured by the British, Joyce stood trial for treason. His claim of American citizenship was denied because he held a British passport. He was found guilty and hanged on January 3, 1946.

William Joyce was born in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of three, his family moved to Ireland. They remained there until Joyce turned 17, when they moved to London. Although he and his family claimed several times on various government forms that William was a “British subject by birth,” this was not the case. Nor did he ever become a naturalized citizen. The boy was an American living abroad, pure and simple; still a traitor!