The Factory Today


Many of the original ROF buildings have been demolished, modified or over-clad with modern materials. However, some areas of the Aycliffe Industrial Park remain largely unchanged. One such area is on the Hydro Polymers site – formerly the Bakelite plant, which occupied areas 7A, 11RS and some of 7F immediately after the War.

Hydro Polymers site….


On the HP site there are still a number of original ROF buildings, bunkers and earth mounds (bunds) which were put in place to minimise any blast damage.

Overhead heating pipes..


The wartime ROF site was covered by many thousands of insulated overhead heating pipes, some of which were supported by large concrete pillars. Evidence of this heating network can still be seen on the Hydro Polymers site.

Building Numbers


Some of the buildings and bunkers on the HP site still carry original numbers and numbering plates. The ROF building and street numbers have also been retained in some cases by Hydro Polymers.

Please click the link below to read more about the Hydro Polymers history in Aycliffe (PDF document).
Hydro Polymers History (50 years at Aycliffe)

Other former ROF buildings

There are quite a few original ROF buildings on the Aycliffe Industrial Estate.